Coriolis Force: Pseudo-Science in Modern Science

It is apparent the Coriolis Effect or Coriolis Force, is misunderstood deeply. It’s application has been so misrepresented that confusion is what is brought about when discussion ensues. Coriolis Effect/Force is not a real force. There are quit a few forces used in physics that are fictitious forces. They are not real forces at all, but are used as if they are real forces and used to explain events as if these forces have real energy to be applied as if they were real forces. This pseudo-scientific stand point that modern science has adapted, creates such a oxymoron that those unaware of the situation turn into believers of such forces. For the public masses, this is a real problem.

When the fictitious force is used to demonstrate real events as if there is energy to the force, it is likened to a disingenuous sham that it is. Examples of when Coriolis Force is used in this

There are various word games being used that further confuse the reader into believing Coriolis has it’s own energy as a Force. Example: It is seen that the Coriolis acceleration not only cancels the centrifugal acceleration, but together they provide a net “centripetal”, radially inward component of acceleration (that is, directed toward the center of rotation)-wikipedia. Here we have a fictitious force “Coriolis” canceling out another fictitious force “Centrifugal“. Not only this oddity but we have the Coriolis causing an acceleration. If I were to use such words when speaking of pseudo forces you would be under the impression that these forces are real with real strength and energy to cause acceleration. Would you not? Yet, deny Coriolis as a real force and many seemingly physics minded and educated will ridicule you readily. The fact is, To solve classical mechanics problems exactly in an rotational reference frame, three fictitious forces must be introduced, the Coriolis force, the centrifugal force  and the Euler force.

So, what is going on here. Coriolis Effect/Force is simply an optical effect called psychophysics. Psychophysics is stimuli that is effecting sensations and perception. It is only an illusion of sensory perception, in this case it is visual perception. The Coriolis Effect is a very real optical illusion that appears to deflect a moving object from its trajectory when it is viewed in the context of a rotating reference frame.

Major issue:  a plane headed from Miami to New York would end up in the Atlantic Ocean if the pilot ignored the (Coriolis) effects of the Earth’s rotation.  This is a two way contradiction, both to a spinning earth problem and the Coriolis Fictitious Force problem.

We have a flight problem to work through. Knowing Coriolis is not a Real Force, we consider the statement as it is. The pilot will be pushed by the Coriolis force into the ocean when flying down a straight path? This means we are to understand pilots to fly always at an angle to combat Earth’s alleged rotation underneath the pilot. De-constructing such a statement will lead into the so called Fringe of the Science world but this is necessary to observe the nonsense being described here.

Continuously I (Darkshark) have plagued Youtube commentary with a great question “Prove by means of physics experimentation that the Earth is in motion!” This is not a task that can be done because it is only based on perceptions and not any real data. (debate this with me some other time. Continue with the situation I am describing for now) If indeed the pilot must account for a real force that would send them off into the ocean when flying straight means that the earth rotates underneath the pilot. This creates the conundrum of what geocentricism has been pointing out this entire time. Flight would not work correctly going against the alleged Earthly rotation, but would speed up flight times with Earth Rotation. Do you not see the issue? You should.

The other interesting thing, which I have written about in another blog is the north to south flight, or vis versa. Here is the thing though, I never find a pilot that tells me they have to account for Earth’s rotation while flying from a slowing rotating earth speed to a greater one in such a flight from New York to Florida, for instance. There is not an account for increased speeds towards the equator. So, why would there be an account for an optical illusion of perception with no energetic force to cause such a push to deflect flight travel into the ocean? Nonsense.

The only thing Coriolis Effect does to a pilot is due to perceptive psychophysics, may cause disorientation due to dizziness or loss of sense of balance based upon the visual stimuli of the Coriolis Effect. Again, The Coriolis effect is a visual effect and rightly at times it is referred to as the Coriolis illusion. Coriolis effects cognitive psychology directly.

What this concludes on the Fringe of Science is more accurately that there is no motion to account for, which means that from this point of view the Earth does not move. Furthermore, this also means now that you understand physics uses pseudo/fictitious for mathematical explanations of real phenomena though the forces are not real, you now have something to think about. You have been introduced to a sort of hoax, intentional or not.

Quick answer: If there is no real Coriolis force what effects weather systems. This is simply pressure gradients and temperature variations between the equator heat and the polar cold, with addition of jet streams caused by such gradients. Coriolis has nothing to do with it.

Quick answer: Do drains spin in different directions above and below the equator? No, this is a myth and the real answer to the drains motions are in the construction of the object being used as a drain. Many believe this but this is simply not true. It is usual this example is thrown around with toilet bowls and how the water goes down. The flow of the water is determined by its structure and design. Misconceptions are still persistent today and this again has nothing to do with Coriolis as a real tangible force.


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